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The overcompensation for having a smaller dick by being an even bigger one.
"I think that rude prick with the obnoxiously oversized truck suffers from penisitis."
by tah-dard! September 26, 2011
10 3
A disease causing the penis to turn to dust, usually accompanied by a "poof" sound. This disease is the cause of most fat, guyish lesbians (also known as bulldykes).
This disease is typically caused by sleeping with a person housing a certain bug found in most countries except vietnam. The bug is called a "urethratinsite". It crawls into the urethra and sucks all of the moisture out of the flesh and muscle in one swoop, leading the structure to dismember into a cloud of dust. The poof sound is created by the dust re-hydrating in the air.
"I can't sleep with her! Ill get penisitis!"
by the hangar September 03, 2008
14 9
Any festy looking peenie, unwashed or smelly peenie, peenie with cheese, male STD, secretions from the peenie, pimples on or near the peenie, or even just a really embarrassingly small peenie can be said as having penisitis.
*Please note, if a wang gets penisitis, it is then classed as being a peenie, not a wang* (Please refer to PEENIE)
"Oh my God!! Have you seen Andrew's cock? He has a nasty case of penisitis!!"
"Dude, you might wanna go see a doctor about that, it looks like you got penisitis"
by Vag hater May 08, 2008
4 7
rare but common disorder in which one must always use sometimes two contradictory ideas
penisitis got you down?
by Bradleyfive April 19, 2008
4 8
a person bound by their genitals
by the hore October 24, 2003
10 19