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A disease causing the penis to turn to dust, usually accompanied by a "poof" sound. This disease is the cause of most fat, guyish lesbians (also known as bulldykes).
This disease is typically caused by sleeping with a person housing a certain bug found in most countries except vietnam. The bug is called a "urethratinsite". It crawls into the urethra and sucks all of the moisture out of the flesh and muscle in one swoop, leading the structure to dismember into a cloud of dust. The poof sound is created by the dust re-hydrating in the air.
"I can't sleep with her! Ill get penisitis!"
by the hangar September 03, 2008
A girl who begins their stay in your life looking fit and trim, and, over time, gains weight to the point where they are fat. This is never good, because you have become attached to their personality, but hate their looks. A trap.
Nick: "poor justin. Looks like tonia was a creeping fatty after all!"

Brian: "yeah.... I kinda feel bad for both of them..."
by the hangar September 03, 2008
One who is too much of a douche to just be a douchebag. This charachter in life is a whole vat of douche. Like at the factory.
brian: "god! Nick is such a douchevat!"
by the hangar September 03, 2008
The goey substance left around the genetals of the male, female, or both after sex.
"I have to go clean off all this sploo goo after last night! God.... I'm so sticky!"
by the hangar September 03, 2008
Men who are amazing, and hold that standard high, making the everyday man look bad.
"brian, justin, and nick..... they are such guycons! They are perfect in every way!"
by the hangar September 03, 2008
A game in which one would run through a party slapping and beating on every slutty girl. Bloody noses all around!
"Lets go ho slappin tonight!"
by the hangar September 03, 2008
A taco, burrito, or other mexican food bought at a cart or from a window.... eaten outside.
"I just got 3 tacos from the taco stand! Lets go have a spic-nic!"
by the hangar September 03, 2008
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