good quality/strong flavour (in drug terms)
"that is some peng skunk!"
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
mental, changed, fucked up.
'cos if i go peng or end up dead its my fault' Kidulthood to Adulthood by BASHY.
by Sammmmii. April 19, 2009
Another term used for cocaine, yayo

' U gt dat peng weighed up?'
by DonJ May 16, 2007
da shit every1 luvz
dat sum guuuuuud shitt........
The humping of animals
see penger for detail
by John Book November 29, 2004
n. A sound describing when an object is uttery mutilated
When you kick blacklights, they go peng!
by Kenny Peng October 04, 2005
The most chavviest word ever. Most people think it means perfect or 100% but it actually means fit or hot. Whenever I hear someone say it I will get out a gun and shoot them... often autocorrects to penguin.
Jimmy: last night was peng m8 you should've came
Saville: brush, next time you use the word peng I will hang you.
by Fxck February 15, 2015

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