high quality cannabis usually gets you stoned after 1 spliff
this is some chronic shit, itz the peng!
by badman February 12, 2004
a gay word made by chavs who are retarded
yo man Valgar is so peng = Valgar is gay
by Harribo March 11, 2010
when something or someone is just the best
oh my, oggy is so peng!
by mercedes | September 25, 2007
Peng is a slang word which suggests or gives hint that someone or something is attractive or 'fitting' in its purpose, The word can also be used to describe something although it has no defined descriptive properties.
"You lot are peng, thanks man" - could suggest that a friend is safe or mingles well with you

"Dem gals are peng" - could suggest that a girl/boy is sexy or quite attractive, either long term or sexual.
by Linkage Oracle December 05, 2006
when something is really cool, it is peng!!
Hi, Amy, that skirt ur wearing is dead peng!!
by x..amy..x February 06, 2008
The effects after smoking weed/green/ canabis. That 'high' feeling. Used by stoners everywhere..
'He's well peng' meaning he's really high
by Lex-OH December 14, 2007
the word peng defines the peng producion fam skanka and mr b (WELL WELL).
dj skanka and mr b are from the peng production fam and they are pengggggggggggg
by ohnotemptation February 10, 2008

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