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The depth that the testicle sac hangs down.
My balls are so loose today, their pendulosity is very high on the charts.
by Matthew January 20, 2004
5 Words related to pendulosity
1. The side to side movement of an object.
2. The state or quality of being Pendulous.
3. The Pendulosity Theorem. P=FM^2/t. Pendulosity Equals Force*Mass(Squared) Divided by time. This is in reference to the Pendulous Factors associated with Breasts.
1. Pam Andersons breasts may be large, but they lack Pendulosity due to their fake/firm nature.
2. The three boobed hooker in "Total Recall" has an amazingly unique Pendulosity factor.
by WpnsLdr July 27, 2010

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