Sometimes pens are used to transport small quantities of drugs.

The ink cartridge is removed, sometimes the well (the part which the cartridge fits into the stylis) is taped over, and powdered substances are packed into the pen.

I have heard once "pen" being used in slang for drugs when a dealer packages this way.
Hey, Puggy, can you get me a pen?
by zoey April 11, 2004
The physical contact or loving moment of two people that you ship with all your heart.
Person 1: Did you see the intense pen moment between the boys just then?
Person 2: No omg I can't believe I missed it!
Person 3: PEN!
by lebrolin March 10, 2014
As in THE Pen, penitentiary, a prison for those convicted of major crimes
Brian got locked up in the pen.
by exjinn June 23, 2005
Short for penetration
"Did he pen you?" - Art
by ARTISBATTY August 01, 2008
A thing you can use to write things with. Alternate uses include kinky sex and TV repair tool.
"That's a pen"
by blii February 20, 2003
Bullpen session, mainly used by baseball players.
"Dude, wanna go out to the bar later?"
"Nah man, I got a pen and then have to ice"
by TheSuperToaster August 21, 2013
a writing implement of awesomeness
"I found a pen."
"That is amazing."
by pensaresoamazing January 10, 2012

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