pen-a fabulous female with dyed black hair(usually)and very artistic and intelligent a bit of a cassonova but when they find the perfect match they will settle and have a lot of children(3 sometimes 4)and will be very stubborn but with a good sense of humor
Jack-"she was soooooo cool.Artistic, black hair, intelligent..."
Sam-"She was a right Pen"
by beingthegiraffe February 25, 2010
a writing tool you use to take notes on anything you need to write down
i used a pen last week at school
A instrument or device used for writing or coloring
I need my pen!
by Rachel February 23, 2004
Pronounced "peen"

Short for penis, similar to how vag is short for vagina.
Boys have a pen, girls have a vag.
by RENemesis April 22, 2008
pouched egg nipples - When a woman has giant areolas that make her breats resemble pouched eggs. Normally resulting in stretched nipples.
"that girls got a bad 'cause of PEN, i cant stand them"
by OMGWTF October 14, 2006
For the New Years Eve ball drop in Times Square, the cops direct people into sections divided via barricade. People must remain in the section they were directed into for the duration of the event, and once people leave, they may not return for the remainder of the celebration.
We arrived at Times Square at 10 AM on New Years Eve so that we can get a pen near the ball drop site.
by CanDA19 June 27, 2006
Originating from root word penetration.
To penetrate or have sexual intercourse
Did you pen last night? hell yea i penned last night. Nahhh meann!
by Baba Booey - UConn December 15, 2004

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