To be high on meth.
1. you want another hit? No Im pegged
#peg #spun #on-it #flopped #going good
by superboofer August 24, 2013
In COD 4-5 where you get shot with a n00b tube and the grenade doesnt explode and the impact kills you
aww man i keep getting pegged :(
-Fucking n00bs
#peg #pegged #cod #n00b #n00n t00b
by Kronological October 04, 2009
to die
jerry: did u hear that billy bob joe 3rd pegged it?

daiL: ya
#pegged it #died #dead #death #pegged
by wtfhwtfwtfh July 23, 2008
To have run (peg).
Pegging - to be in the act of peg (run)
Miniman pegged it from magoo when magoo wanted to see him bout his Homies coming into college.
by Crazy Joe November 27, 2004
To go out on a Friday night and shag a bitch.
"I pegged this bitch last night"
by D-BUCK March 05, 2005
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