For a woman to bugger a man with a strap-on
My inbox keeps filling up with peg porn
by Kung-fu Jesus July 27, 2004
v. a woman takes and puts on a strap-on on dick, and has unprotected premarital sexual intercourse with a male's butt hole
Maryam pegged for multiple hours last night.
by TRODGOR February 05, 2008
Short form of the feminine name "Peggy." Peggy, in turn, is often used as a shortened form of "Margaret," for reasons not entirely clear to this author.
Hey, Peg! Peg? Hey, PEGGY - get over here!
by Rod Brock July 29, 2006
Meaning a shot in Punjabi, the unit of alcholol measurement.
Kidhaa, peg lanna
by Singhhhhh September 12, 2015
urban slang to describe having sex, often used by young egotistical males who think that every attractive girl who walks by wants to have sex with them. Will often refer to these young girl as "fitties"!
"ah man, i'd take her down a peg or two"

"I'd like to peg that bit of pink"
by Tchock June 05, 2007
Polyethylene glycol, perverts. It's an useful chemical.
Don't forget to add PEG to your mass spec sample as the internal standard.
by haNs0n 4b@Dlr March 28, 2015
The penis

To peg: To have sex
Get your peg out!

He can peg me any day
by House 21 November 22, 2007
Por El Gane: Is spanish translation to the classic FTW
Dr. Pepper PEG!
by memosoto August 01, 2011

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