For a woman to bugger a man with a strap-on
My inbox keeps filling up with peg porn
by Kung-fu Jesus July 27, 2004
to put Tight Rolls on one's jeans. a common practice in the 80's and early 90's whereby people roll up their jeans to make them tight against their leg.
"you're still pegging your stone wash jeans?"

"he's not even cool enough to peg his jeans"
by protocoldroid July 05, 2004
meaning 1 single drink - mainly whiskey
commonly used amongst the punjabi speaking population of north india, canada and the UK
"c'mon man pour me a peg , hurry up man"

"yo lets get boozy pour everyone a big peg bro"

"can you drink your peg quickly i am about to pour us another one"
by playasOnli June 23, 2007
P.E.G. Post Ejaculatory Guilt. The sad situation after a guy cums and the blood rushes back to his real brain.


( ...No ! What have I done?)
After I blew my load I suffered from P.E.G. I should have never banged that girl."
by xXJester PsychoticXx June 28, 2009
City in Canada, derived from the city's full name, "winniPEG".
peg city represent!!
by krismosis November 23, 2004
Shapely female legs. Also see gams
The girl in the short skirt has some great pegs!
by joerover August 15, 2008
(n) 1. a "psycho email group" originating in 2002 becoming a large Northeastern phenomenon in the long summer months during college
2. a message sent through peg

(v) 1. the act of sending a message through peg
ex1. "Why isn't anyone on peg?"
ex2. "There are so many pegs i dont know where to start!"
ex3. "Peg ya, later"
ex4. "I'll start a new peg."
by Nick Caruso June 26, 2007
Psyco Ex Girlfriend Syndrome
Jimi: Dude your girlfriend came by like 6 times tonight while you were out!!!

Dylan: Man shes got a bad case of P.E.G.S...I dumped her like a week ago...
by Dr.ssues July 08, 2009

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