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something or someone that is extra fly

not just fly,
but eXTRA
joekim : yo look at that beezy walking by
pcho : damnnn shes peezy
by jkim! January 21, 2006
Pee-zee noun.

1. The best bad guy you ever know.

2. Former linebacker and NFL badass for, most notably through his career, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3. Survivor of multiple gun shot wounds sustained by the buttocks.
"You got shot in the ass in Denver? Damn, what up Peezy!"
by Dr. Eugene Cokksmench March 04, 2014
originated in candada, london ontario.

peezy is the combination of the word peace and easy.

PERSON1:Ayo ill catch you later

PERSON2: Ight peezy.
by Krysi123 March 20, 2009
Synonmy for Expensive or costing a lot of P's.
"Them creps are bare Bare Peezy!" - Meaning, those shoes are really expensive.
by Paza B November 05, 2008
Peace + Eazy = Peezy
"Yo man, I'm out"
"Iight, peezy"
by Kevin LMAO LOL February 09, 2009