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When you have to pee and poop at the same time.
-"Man, I just peeooped, and I sure do feel better now."
-"I hope traffic starts moving soon. I really have to peeoop!"
by starleen0809 October 26, 2010

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one day I had to rush to the bathroom. I knew I had to do both number one and number two and thought o myself..damn! I gotta peeoop. I laughed and realized I created a cool new,descriptive word. it's when you need to go to the restroom and poop and pee. so you peeoop. both pee and poop comes out.
1. geez! I gotta poop so bad and pee too! I have to peeoop.

2. sat on the toilet and pee and poop at the same time...I peeooped.
by bustybettyboop July 14, 2014
A mixture of Urine and Fecal waste from a bird out of thier peeoop hole. Commonly seen on car windows and city ledges around the world. (A.k.a. Bird Waste)
Dude that not just poop its Peeoop. Birds only use the bathroom out of one hole at the same time mixed together.
by SkyMakB November 15, 2010