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a female that uncontrollably pisses or "pees" when she has an orgasm or gets a "nut".
Man that girl pissed all over me when she had an orgasm. She is definately a peenut.
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by Kevin Franklin April 27, 2006
When a man is having sexual intercourse but also very badly needs to urinate, he begins to pee a little while his cum load is shooting out. This happens to all men. If they deny this, they are a fucking liar.

Your Peenut is very messy, and often happens when you are receiving felatio. The woman is often left with a bitter taste in her mouth, but is never to discover the cause of the unwelcomed flavor.
Miles: "Dude...last night I was about to blow my snot all over this chick's mouth when all of the sudden...I felt IT coming on."

Blake: "Felt what coming on, brolavski?"

Miles: "The urge to take a piss, broncanus!"

Blake: "Dude bro...that's called a Peenut."

Miles: "Well, that Peenut filled that slootes cock cutter like a jar o' jam".

Blake: "Well done, Smiles. Next time ask if she's ready for a pearl shower."
by Pantieraid May 20, 2016
in essence, peenuts are testicles made of congealed bladder discharge hardened to a crunchy, salty taste often crushed and squeezed to distill into a viscous substance titled peenut butter.
I ate a peeday candy bar and the hardened urination residues peenuts embedded in the candy were crushed in between my molars to resemble the thick, dark yellowish sauce entitled peenut butter.
#peenut #peenuts #peenut butter #peanut #peanuts #peanut butter #urine #testicle #nuts #pee
by homosexuality June 14, 2011
The awsome <3
She's always nice to everyone
Peenut > you
OMG! Peenut complimented me! I'm never going to erase this quote!
by Kitten September 13, 2004
A girl who will rock you friggin socks off nigga. She's a killa though. She smooth talks you and butters you up, then bites your head off. -gonk-
"Everyone should fear teh Peenut"
by xbillxdt September 13, 2004
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