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To move in with someone. Sometimes used in conjunction with "it." Originated in the gay/lesbian community.
Person 1: My girlfriend and I decided to uhaul.

Person 2: Cool. So, when are you guys moving in together? I can help you pack stuff with my truck.
Person 1: Next Saturday, probably. That'd be great!
by homosexuality January 10, 2010
To chortle while wearing a skort (garment which combines a skirt and shorts).
A: Bonnie chuckled and snorted whilst wearing culottes this evening!
B: Oh, I love to skortle!
by homosexuality November 18, 2009
in essence, peenuts are testicles made of congealed bladder discharge hardened to a crunchy, salty taste often crushed and squeezed to distill into a viscous substance titled peenut butter.
I ate a peeday candy bar and the hardened urination residues peenuts embedded in the candy were crushed in between my molars to resemble the thick, dark yellowish sauce entitled peenut butter.
by homosexuality June 14, 2011
stands for "Gay Alaskan Triplets," the three identical gay babies which Sarah Palin gave birth to in 1986 and then aborted. HAHA!
You heard about GAT?
Palin's aborted gay triplets? Sure! What a waste, that was her only redeeming quality.
by homosexuality September 27, 2009
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