A small person, who usually wears fuzzy clothing. It can be made into a nickname. (it's quite catchy)
Dude, look at that peen over there!

Go fuck yourself you stupid peen!

Hey, Peen, what's up?
by xenite May 27, 2008
adj interesting, cool, a likeable or enjoyable thing
I feel totally peen after that 2 g doochie!

These beats are peen, hit me up on mojo, Kid!
by laxdallmus4 August 04, 2010
Short for "penis eater." Usually used as a nickname for someone.
"Hey Peens! What's up?"
Jon you are such a peens
by daisy doll March 07, 2006
A term referred to a moment of complete coincidence between two people. When two people each say the same thing at the same time by accident, or discover something in common between themselves, a moment of peen has occurred.
Alex: Did you see SNL?
Justin: Yeah it was great!
Alex and Justin at the same time: "...In a van down by the river!"
Alex: ahhh! peeeeen!
Justin: Peen!!


Alex: My favorite band is Weezer!
Justin: Oh my god, me too!
Alex and Justin: Peen!!
by justin April 27, 2004
nervous, edgy, bit of a shut in
"Want to go out tonight?"
"uh, NO!"
"Why not?"
"Because I'm Peen"
by wigglet September 11, 2003
some dude who's really uptight about everything, usually a control-freak
"Why don't you stop ridin' me you fuckin' peen?"
by kingsexy February 28, 2003
A tour in which many young teenage boys travel throughout the country sharing their peen with everyone.
"Peeeeeen tour!"
by Frozen March 03, 2004
A word to descride an extremly immature person, generally younger than yourself.
A person acting like a peen is said to have peenish behaviour.
Oh my god, look at that peen!!! No theres like 30 of them!!
by El January 02, 2004

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