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3 definitions by thejson

not gonna lie. A pre-sentence or post-sentence addition that assures the recipient that you are indeed not lying.
Ngl, dude your breath is harsh.

The back of your head is ridiculous, ngl.
by thejson August 28, 2010
86 47
Don't Even Trip. A phrase used to assure a comrade of their inherent appearance or reputation.
Your hair's not even bad right now, it'll grow back - DET, bro.
by thejson August 28, 2010
2 4
No big deal. An acronym that, in conjunction with a boasting statement, adds emphasis and sarcasm to what you are trying to say.
Ummm, I'm pretty much the reason why everyone's coming to the part, nbd.

Nbd, but I've dated like 3 black women.
by thejson August 28, 2010
13 18