An uber gimp wobbie, who randomly humps people and likes getting drunk. Known to be denser than lead, and about as stupid as a plank of wood. Frequently makes stupid comments in IRC channels while drunk.

Famous for..well..nothing really.
<Kammy> Peel, out of the people who want you, how many aren't blind/stupid or a combination of the two?
<Peel> none
<Kammy> exactly.
by Kammy March 22, 2005
Panties and Heels. Usually left wherever the dirty whore lost her innocence, like on the kitchen floor or perhaps in the bedroom, bathroom, or next to the jacuzzi.
She left her peels right there in the kitchen for my roommate to find the next morning.
#peels #panties and heels #slut #one night stand #april #shooting the moon #hot sex #lust #passion
by uso_joe May 22, 2012
As in money. Lots of money or a little bit.
That nicca don't peel for nuthin'. He doesn't spend money for anything. She got peel like that. She's got a lot of money.
#money #cheddar #gwap #dough #cash
by BabyChris February 14, 2010
straight up head
i need some peels, whose peelin, that bitch gives good peels!
by Anonymous February 08, 2003
female dick sucking, blowjobs, the act of a female placing her mouth on a males genitalia. Originates from Albany, NY.
Whose peelin? or, Tameesha peeled me last night.
by holla February 08, 2003
Homie or friend. Your best friends are your Peels.
Hey peel what are us peels gonna do tonight?
#friend #homie #cardnalito #cuz #peep
by Jfbeer May 30, 2008
fellatio; when a female polishes the pork sword or buffs the helmet with her tongue; to shine the mushroom cap with feminine slurping action. As Mr. Food would say, "Ooh, it's so good!"
Man, did I ever get peeled this morning upon awakening. Fuck breakfast!
Excuse me, biatch, would you give me peels?
That ho gives great peels!
by weave March 21, 2003
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