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a shit-ass Focus ont the family parental control
Fuck cybersitter and john dobson
by STK April 28, 2004
A restaurant in Springfield, Illinois,located off Old Route 66. They are the inventor of the corn dog, which they call a cozy dog.
Let's go get a cozy dog.
by stk July 22, 2006
Cozy Dog is a restaurant in Springfield, Illinois that is the inventor of the corn dog. It is located off old route 66, and has been featured on the Food Network.
I'm hungry, let's grab some Cozy Dog.
by stk July 21, 2006
to do something ridiculously lucky in every way.
omfg I hope i can peel Flametounge.
by STK April 22, 2003
Flame city, baby!
Fuck no!
by STK April 24, 2004
high quality marijuana / some chronic
I bought a bag of some of that thundercat
by stk March 30, 2005

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