To steal a ho, especially from a pimp; the art of making the peeler a ho's new pimp; pimpin' at a ho
Damn, that high roller just peeled that ho Amanda from her pimp G-Stone, what's that about?
by Joetastic November 14, 2006
Homie or friend. Your best friends are your Peels.
Hey peel what are us peels gonna do tonight?
by Jfbeer May 30, 2008
v. to pop game at a ho
in the movie swingers, mikey has weak game and fails miserably when he tries to peel on hoes. except for the end when he pulls rollergirl.
by Capt. McGillicutty December 16, 2003
To rub on your boner.
Porath is in the bathroom peeling his boner.
by Bastardfuck June 10, 2003
to do something ridiculously lucky in every way.
omfg I hope i can peel Flametounge.
by STK April 22, 2003
Retard; i.e. One who is retarded.
We noticed a peel competing in last week's Special Olympics events.
by Bob Saget February 09, 2003
To use brute strength to widen one's anus.
The Goatse Man peels it.
by Andy F. January 05, 2003

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