iv0ol pêkå plix0rz.
a guy that kills other ppls on a online-game...

normally used by wannabe-n00bs that's joking around. ^.-
Ammagsd!11 a ivol peekay!11
yesh, hi bi veri ivol pok pläx
Top Definition
Spelled out form of PK (player killer or player killing). Used in online games where player killing is allowed. Usually, "peekay" is used as a joke, because no one would bother to type the whole word out instead of PK.
Help, I'm being peekayed!
DeathBringer is a big peekay!
by PK-man August 19, 2003
lengthened for of the abreviation PK meaning player killer, these people move around games such as tibia killing low levels or unskilled players, stealing there items and in general pissing people off
tibia player 1: tibia player 2 is a pk
tibia player 2: i r keel u plx (i will kill you plx)
FaLLeN RaVeN (tibia player 3): shut the F|_|ck up you n00b or i will kill you.
by FaLLeN RaVeN October 29, 2004
stands for the initials PK, represENTS
ey, you know Peekay?
yeah, him, of course!
by Peter March 08, 2003
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