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A view of the female breast where only the areola/nipple is covered. This is usually performed with two or more fingers for each breast. Peekaboob is related to sideboob and underboob because both areas can be seen.
Too many photos in US mens magazines that can't actually show nudity so they resort to peekaboob.
by Jon D February 10, 2006
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a nipple that seldom remains concealed by a bra, or any article of clothing, meant to conceal it - usualy occures when an areola is significantly larger than that of the average nipple
"I love when chicks with silver-dollar nipples wear scoop-neck tops... every time they move, there's a PEEK-A-BOOB!"
by James Goldstein June 04, 2007
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Like peekaboo, only instead of removing your hands to reveal your face, you pull up/down the shirt to reveal the boobies, then you quickly hide them away again, as in the childhood classic.

NOTE: It is best to play without warning, right in the middle of her telling you something really important.
Anna: Honey, I really want you to know that I-
Anna: God Dammit you are such a typical guy!
by Connor McNugget June 11, 2006
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DAMN! her shirt had a peekaboobs!
by pennguyen5 August 08, 2011
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When half or majority of a boob (perferbly a female's) slips out of clothing by accident
"Man, Stacey's peek-a-boob incident today was so hot."
by Shirtlesssleeves March 29, 2014
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A much better alternative to the popular term "nip slip".
Girl 1: OMG, I totally had a nip slip while I was talking to a guy today.

Girl 2: You mean a peek-a-boob?
by petopher May 26, 2014
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