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A specific form of BDSM fetish play.

Pee Domination: A type of domination revolving around watersports and using urine for domination, discipline and humiliation. This frequently (but not exclusively or absolutely) includes:

-) Humiliation of the sub. (submissive, slave)
-) Urination on the sub. (incl. body, face, genitals, etc).
-) Urination in the sub. (incl. mouth, nose, vagina, anus, etc).
-) "Water Sports"
Jasmine got into the shower to clean the urine off of her body after some peedom play with her Master.

"Let's do a peedom session"
by Freaky Steve April 11, 2008
14 3
The sense of extreme freedom and relief one feels upon urinating after having been forced to "hold it" for an extended period of time.
She would give up her first born child for a shot at peedom.
by AssWithaK October 20, 2011
3 0
the relief end state of being that comes from a period of non-urination ended by a period of urination
"I need peedom! I'm about to explode."
by Carley Eisenberg July 10, 2008
3 4