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I ponder how one might obtain a head made of urine.
Now THATS retardation for you.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 03, 2003
37 16
A complete and utter fool. Laughable. Incomprehensible.
George Bush is a pee-pee head
by the vooch October 19, 2004
41 30
a childish name to call someone
Fatboy is a pee-pee head
by Evil Tim September 05, 2003
30 19
1. (n)
One with a penile head.

2. A jerkface to the wordextreme.

You are a peepeehead you stupid goddamn goofy bastard.
11 3
person that is subject to Nocturnal Enuresis (a.k.a. bedwetting)
Oops, Peepee Head was in the house.
by george esses at georgeess dot com October 25, 2003
7 13
A stubborn male dog that lifts his leg and pees every few minutes.
"Stop it Cody, you're killing the tree you pee-pee head."
by Deborah December 10, 2003
10 18
What Evil Tim doesn't have.
Evil Tim doesn't have a pee-pee head, there's a pussy on where the penis is supposed to be.
by Assholes Inc. October 02, 2003
43 59