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Pee in Her Butt is a term equivalent to true love.. See example.
A: "So, how do you like that girl you just met?"
B: "She's ok."
A: "Do you like her?"
B: "Uhh.. Maybe."
A: "So you love her?"
B: "No.."
A: "What I'm really asking is... would you pee in her butt?"
by so gross April 14, 2007
An exlamation said when you see a very hot girl, or your friend's slammin' sister
dude, i wanna pee in your sister's butt so bad! she is slammin'!
by VanMan423 July 10, 2003
To stick the dick in your females ass and let the piss go!
Yo Crawnic, last night I totally Pee'd in her butt. It was tha shit fo shizzle!
by Coby February 18, 2003
A term that is especially common in Maine. Used by a guy to express a desire to have sex with a girl he sees.
I would pee in her butt anyday.
by Goodgentleman May 28, 2005