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the little tinkeling sensation...either, on the toilet, in your pants, on a rock, in a bush, on someone else, in a cup/pot, in the shower, and the main place...POOL
*it is yellow or sometimes clear.
*very warm
look in ur toilet....
by poopadia October 12, 2003
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The yellow stuff that squirts out onto the floor if you don't know how to use the toilet.
Look on the floor...
by Michelle R. March 28, 2004
What I do in the shower when my parents do something horribly cruel to me.
Mom: No more soda tonight.

by Gerbilweebies February 25, 2005
1) Urine
2) Urinate
1) Your mom smells like pee.
2) I'd like it if your mom would pee on me.
by TheNeonRaindeer January 28, 2003
noun: a liquid waste that is given off as a result of the kidneys cleaning toxins in the blood; the color can range from dark yellow to clear

verb: To excrete this fluid
tenses: pee, peeing, peed, pees

also called, urine, piss
My little brother thinks it's funny to pee on the floor

by MSoct868 October 26, 2006
Urinate; piss; What R kelly does to girls
"dam doo, did u see that video where R Kelly pissed all over dat girl?! good shit!"
by Johnson O reily May 22, 2004
the wet sentsation that comes from between your legs when your friend says something really funny and your bladder is full.
HAHAHAHA.. oh shit man, i juss peed
by samantha irene stanton December 30, 2007
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