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Oi, cuz where is my pees you owe me?
by Mozar February 07, 2007
Something R Kelly likes to do on little girls
Im R Kelly let me pee on you
by Corey Johnson February 24, 2005
An Expression of being "happy" euphoric ecstatic satisfied
Jane was peeing the whole night of her birthday party.
You are going to make me pee.
by BrawnyTawnie February 09, 2008
1. verb- peeing
2. noun- pee
1. verb. molly was peeing over standing up with her pants on cuz she was bored.
2. noun- molly said "look, my pee on the floor"
by Lizzle May 17, 2003
What R Kelly does to little girls.
I can't believe R Kelly peed a on 13 year old girl.
by queen_azure January 09, 2008
A gross yellow fluid inside a body.
"Let's go pee in the bushes!"
by Mac Dac Money February 27, 2009
What people (mostly men) do on the toilet seat in public toilets and don't bother to wipe it off.
When I went to the public toilet some idiot had peed all over the seat. I had to wipe off the pee!
by a.k is awesome:-) July 16, 2014

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