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The zesty medley of multi human urines commingling, unflushed in a urinal. Usually quite aromatic earlier in the morning, due to dehydration, perhaps from a few too many the night before. Which may also explain why there is no flushing action.
Dude whoever added to that pee soup totally had asparagus last night.

Sick bro! the pee soup was almost overflowing.

The last guy to pee in that soup can't smell, it burned the hair right out of my nose.
by Alyson Clair and John Riley June 25, 2008
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you pee in someones butt and then you drink it. You drink it by probing the anus hole with a straw then slurp.
"can I make pee soup with you?"
"mmm than was some good pee soup. compliments to the anus;)"
by Codename:EBOK July 06, 2012

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