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(v) Inadvertently submerging one's testicles in toilet water while going number 2. Tea-bagging pee.
"Marcus contracted a laundry list of STDs after he pee bagged the public bathroom."
by Canyadig December 23, 2009
A large, grotesque bulge in the front of a person's crotch.

Also referred to as front butt or fupa
I wasn't sure if that chick was pregnant or if her pee bag is just out of control.
by Braaaaaaandon August 07, 2006
this is prominent in overweight men and women who have

an extra belly,or pee bag,beneath their regular fat belly.
Most prominently seen in an individual wearing stretch
pants because it's the only thing that fits.
That fat girl has a HUGE pee bag. I bet if she sneezes,her
big bong belly blows out her rubber ass hole.
by driver_im8 August 30, 2009

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