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Adj. A word made up by me to describe a girl in high school, or underage in general, who looks so good if you were legal you wouldnt mind being having sex with. Thus, making you a pedophile.
"Wow she's hot!" "Yeah, she's worth the 5 to 10 years." "Yeah, she sure is pedophilicious!"
by david from the stack December 21, 2005
To act like like a pedophile. The art of pedophiling.
Mark: "Hey, doesn't that girl look hot?"
Anothony: "Mark, she's like 13 and you are 21. Don't be acting pedophilicious on me now!"
by NinjaOrangeTV August 23, 2011
A made up word by the perverted community to try and give reason for their sickening behavior. One word in particular comes to mind with ANY made up word by a sexual offender/perverts....that is an action/verb..that is go to Prison.
"Big Bubba" thinks the newly admitted prisoner "Captain" pedophile is pedophilicious and would like to get pedonasty with the perverted pedprisoner before the warden pedoelectricute's him.
by C_GEEEEEEE July 20, 2006
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