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The sound effect a pimp makes when he slaps his prostitute.
Pimp, "B*tch, what'chu talking 'bout?"
*Pimp slaps prostitute* Wa-pimp.
by NinjaOrangeTV July 12, 2011
Like dog years, teenage years is just another annoying time difference.

If you are with a friend, then 3 hours is equal to 20 minutes.
However, if you are doing something with your parents, 10 minutes is equal to TOO LONG.
Jack" "Can we go now?"
Mom: "In 15 minutes."
Jack: "But that's like my whole life in teenage years."
by NinjaOrangeTV December 14, 2011
The act of strattling an object, as if it were a stripper pole.
Mark: "Hey he's climbing that telephone pole really fast!"
Andrew: "Ya. He's practically stripper polling it."
by NinjaOrangeTV August 20, 2011
To act like like a pedophile. The art of pedophiling.
Mark: "Hey, doesn't that girl look hot?"
Anothony: "Mark, she's like 13 and you are 21. Don't be acting pedophilicious on me now!"
by NinjaOrangeTV August 23, 2011
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