Usually nowadays it's somebody (usually male), who is sexually attracted to kids in a sexual way. Or it's a pathetic scumbag who is attracted to them, but is an adult and desides to have sex with them and is dating them. Now that's statoury rape.
Pedophile (23 year old dude); I'm dating a 12 year old and she gives nice sex and head!! I love her so much!!

12 year old girl: I love my babay, he's so nice and when I'm 18 we're gonna get married!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!1111!

Adult (18): That is so digusting, you're very pathetic for going after someone young because noone you're age wants you.
Me: The couple are both losers, too bad she's 12. I swear she would know better if she was like 16.
by AskYourMom May 27, 2007
A person who suffers from Pedophilia; that is, an adult who is sexually attracted to children.

Pedophilia is sick and perverted, and is a choice.

Terms like "pedosexual" are misnomers and nothing more than political activism on the part of organized groups of pedophiles attempting to legitimize and legalize their abuse and predation of children.
Daniel Ward is is a sick pedophile because he is sexually attracted to little girls.
by Andrew Cowley April 07, 2005
A person who experiences erotic love for a younger child -- especially one who is sexually immature.
Just because she is a woman and a mother, that doesn't mean that she isn't a pedophile.
by Anaya August 31, 2003
In scientific terms, a pedophile is a mental disabiled that that feels the need to try to sharpen the tip of their penis. This is usually achieved by having sex with children under the age of eighteen. This is illegal almost everywhere, but pedophiles persist with having sex with minors because if they do not, they have a high chance of dying and being laughed at for not having a sharp penis.

Some signs of being a pedophile are watching Lazytown and getting an erection when Stephanie is on the screen. Another example is watching Dateline: To Catch a Predator and not laughing at the stupid people who get caught.

Being a pedophile will usually land someone in jail. Some rare cases of pedophiles not being jailed are Barney the Dinosaur, children's musical groups such as The Wiggles and The Doodlebops, and Jesus.
Man that is not pedophile: Hey, bro, would you tap that woman's ass?

Pedophile: No, but I'd tap her child's ass.

Man that is not pedophile: I am calling the police.
by B.O.S.Kuro-chan April 24, 2007
Someone who is sexually attracted to children.
Little Sally and her pedophile friend had a wonderful time together.
That pedophile turned out to be a bad guy and raped little Sally.
by Frank Jones December 13, 2003
Someone that is attracted to feet.

It is, actually.
"Pedo", a Latin word, not a Greek one, means "foot".

I think you guys are thinking about the Greek word, "Paedo", for child.

Therefore, someone that has a love for children is a "paedophile", and a "paediatrician" is a child doctor, while a "pedophile" is someone with a love for feet, and a "pediatrician" is a foot doctor.

Does this not negate all of your definitions?
Person 1: My aunt was really weird; she was a pedophile.

Person 2: Sick! How utterly sick!

Person 1: No, as in P-E-D-O, pedophile, not P-A-E-D-O, paedophile.

Person 2: What's the difference?
by Scytale March 20, 2006
A sick bastard that enjoy having sexual intercourse with people under the age of eighteen.
Do you think that R. Kelly is a pedophile?
by Anonymous May 10, 2003

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