A person who chooses to sexualize children and many times pursues children. Pedophiles want others to accept them, and trust them, so that they can lie and hide and molest children without getting caught!
Pedos are liars and manipulators.

Pedophiles do access child porn (cp, kp) and masturbate to the images of REAL children being sexually abused. How much more sick can they get.
To masturbate to a child getting abused is evil.
pedophile: "Oh he/she is a HOT 6 yr old."
pedophile: "she was maybe 5 and we had eye contact. It was a true girl moment!"
pedophile: "Walmart today was full of hotties! Parents thanks for dressing your son that way! I am ready to masturbate to child porn now."
by you abused me January 22, 2007
An adult who is sexually attracted to children.
Nelson is a pedophile.
Nelson is a pedophile.
Nelson is a pedophile.
by Jon Wing May 28, 2005
a person who touches children. They are sexually attracted to children.
a pedophile touched me.
by sonny vital January 13, 2008
An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children. Comes from the word pedophilia, meaning sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object.
My school principal is a pedophile.
by say "cheese" February 23, 2008
Someone who is sexually attracted to and/or stalks someone of a great amount younger.

Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen is a pedophile.
by skatraceur October 12, 2009
This is not a definition.
This is a letter to the Urban Dictionary editors,
I see you have no place for any of us to get in touch with you, to send an email or make a complaint.How very convenient.
Is this what you call "editing", some of the people on this site sre sick in the head, and there are alot of posts you should NOT be allowing.
Firstly, it is not ok or normal to be attracted to little children.It is SICK.

Dear Urban Dictionary, ARE YOU READING THIS???
There is a man on this site claiming he finds little girls "hot" and saying offensive things.

There are other subjects in which people are being ofensive also.I am talking Highly Offensive.
For example, the last entry under the word christians.
It's one thing to allow free speech, but this is criminal negligence, and I suggest you do something about it.
Stop letting people get away with horrific posts.
Are you paying attention??
A pedophile is an amoral sicko.
by LINDAR May 30, 2006
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