An adult who is sexually attracted to a child, or children under the age of which is legal in the country.
John was searching for little children by the school to abduct; what a pedophile.
by Kuriin April 30, 2003
A person who wants to bang kids
You are a pedophile
by dick the big dicked duck February 11, 2013
Contrary to the "definition" by TruthAboutPedophilia on this site, pedophilia is indeed a mental disorder (just check the DSM). It is a disorder to be attracted to small children! He/She also claims that there must be a distinction between the attraction and the act. But first of all, the attraction is a warning sign that something is fundamentally wrong with the individual, and secondly the statistics show that the vast majority of people with pedophile leanings, and/or who traffick in and consume ped. porn, at some point do molest children. And that is a crime that can never be undone!!
A pedophile may convince themselves they are showing a child love, when all they're doing is destroying their innocence and trust!
by NoMoreLies August 22, 2007
1) A person who is sexually attracted to young children who haven't gone through puberty.

2) A term used by people who have no idea what they're saying to describe a person they think is too old to be flirting with or dating someone else.
1) "I was watching the news yesterday, and I saw a report on a man who had sex with eight year olds. He's a pedophile."

2) "My sister told me that one of her high school teachers was flirting with his teaching assistant! He's such a pedophile."
by Approaching Challenger February 16, 2014
a sick-minded oldie who is sexually attracted to little kiddies.
Lance is a 20-year old pedophile because he hits on a ninth grader girl.

Lance: Dayyyyyyyumm homie!! she's FINE *points to ninth grader girl*

Mate: That's pretty pathetic of you. You're 20 years old and your hittin on some ninth grader? naww.. now thats just sad.

Lance: Shut up. I don't care. Not like I can get any better..

Mate: Tru say bro..
by Jennyy<3 November 06, 2006
Someone who has sex with pre-pubescent children. Not to be confused with a pederast. As an historical note, the ancient Greek (Homeric-Platonic) ideal was NOT pedophilia, but pederasty, specifically gay pederasty.
Ex: When Plato writes (Symposium 192 B-C) "a man of this sort is at any rate born to be a lover of boys or the willing mate of a man, eagerly greeting his own kind," he is talking about a grown man and a teenage boy, which is pederasty, not pedophilia.
by Anonymous March 06, 2003
A pedophile is someone sexually attracted to young children. They are sick and need help. They are not showing LOVE to kids when they are jacking off to pictures of little kids dressed in thongs like the sickos at corporatesexoffenders.

Johnny likes to look at little girls and it gets him hot.

Oh that's because he's a pedophile.

Well he claims it's just girllove, that he LOVES her and she loves him too and children are sexual beings and they want sex too.

Johnny is a sick fucker pedophile and he needs help. Just like Aries 2004, Tyciol and the other freaks post their lies on this site.
by FrancisBIngrid August 25, 2007

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