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Boy lover
Boy love

abreviated it is BL

A boylover is a man or woman (usually man) who is sexually attracted to boys. They have their age of attractions anywhere from infant to 14 yrs old.

A boylover is a pedophile child molester wanna be or doing it now to a little boy!

Usually they do not marry or have many adult friends.
They live alone and maybe have a dog to attract boys to them in public so they can perv all over them later.
A boylover lusts after little boys.
by you abused me January 30, 2007
Girl Love
Girl lover

abreviate GL

A girl lover is a pedophile molester!
a girllover abused me
by you abused me January 30, 2007
A person who chooses to sexualize children and many times pursues children. Pedophiles want others to accept them, and trust them, so that they can lie and hide and molest children without getting caught!
Pedos are liars and manipulators.

Pedophiles do access child porn (cp, kp) and masturbate to the images of REAL children being sexually abused. How much more sick can they get.
To masturbate to a child getting abused is evil.
pedophile: "Oh he/she is a HOT 6 yr old."
pedophile: "she was maybe 5 and we had eye contact. It was a true girl moment!"
pedophile: "Walmart today was full of hotties! Parents thanks for dressing your son that way! I am ready to masturbate to child porn now."
by you abused me January 22, 2007
pedophiles are pedos.
One strike law! Protect our children! One strike and your out!
by you abused me January 30, 2007
Vespucci is a pedophile paraphrase for oral sex.
Man to man: Have you gotten vespucci yet?
by you abused me January 23, 2007
Hangtwenty is a pedophile agenda role call.
This is how they know what time the pornography will be
Man to man: "Hangtwenty soon enough?"
by you abused me January 23, 2007
A pedodemon is a pedophile who has molested or fantasized of molesting children.
These are sick people. You can tell them by their over helpful attitude and friendly smiles. Usually males who seem alone, and have a secluded lifestyle.
The pedodemon is on the sex offenders list!
by you abused me January 23, 2007

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