An unusual species of dorks, characterised by the bobbing motion of their head as they speak. A peckerhead makes an excellent cousin, cousin and peckerhead can be used synonimously. Contrary to popular belief, Gregory Peck was in fact not a peckerhead. The original Peckerhead is Maree, born in 1992, supposedly in the country of Peckistan.
"You good for nothing wretched peeved hugger-mugging Peckerhead!"
by bishbishqueen May 02, 2008
A term of endearment, especially for one of the opposite sex.
guy: "Hey Peckerhead, how are you today?"
girl: "Did you just call me peckerhead?"
guy: "Oh come on darlin' its a nice name!"
by ScottMcJones March 03, 2009
Noun: Name of Mexican parrot owned by Dan H. in the '70s in San Francisco.
Favorite parrot uttering: "Red alert, red alert."
Peckerhead was a VERY talkative parrot
who lived on Pink and Pearl Street.
by SugarDale March 03, 2005
n: a mushroom which grows wild and has a long stalk and a phallic shape.
We were looking for tasty morel mushrooms, but had to settle for the more common peckerheads.
by mike pelgen November 06, 2003
either a johnE or blakethaniel whacks it to a train magazine even if it is in another language. usually mormon. is gay with trains in his basement and 3 little ginger day walkers. if a train had a dick john would be sucking it and blake would be right there licking john's butthole while dildoing it with a model train.
peckerhead is pronounced pek-R-hed

john sits in the office whackin off to internet trains while his bitch is in the shop polishin a turd train that should be exploded!!! fuckin pecker head
by the twins cobra mustang June 26, 2009
Half fag foamer train nut, that loves trains, an eats johns salty nuts,and touches himself while watching train and masterbates to the mersk unit train. homo train fag,he would blow his load on a train picture.
Peckerhead took a picture of the mersk unit when he should of been welding.
by biffster73 November 23, 2007
some one whos head is looks more like a dick then a dik head
omg look at that kid he is such a pecker head
by karatekick31 July 10, 2008

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