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Gabbie- a nice girl free of gayness and disturbing qualities. A girl who enjoys being clean and showering, as apposed to a skank.
Gabbie is the bomb diggity, she showers frequently and enjoys it thouroughly.
by POTIS July 08, 2004
An attractive, smooth-talking, sexy girl
sweet and adorable but a sexy beast

the girl every guy wants and every girl wants to be
person 1: oh that girl was cute...
person 2: shes such a gabbie
by g435135 February 07, 2010
Gabbie is the name reserved only for the genuine and best women on earth. They are really cute, beautiful, very smart, driven, talented, fashionable, loveable, popular, sexy, have a wonderful and playful personality, and has this cute awkwardness about them. They are fun-loving, adventurous, silly, and always suspicious of everyone. They can pretend to be your friend to not make you feel bad. It's hard to get close to a Gabbie at first because they choose their friends wisely and are feel very untrustworthy aout everyone around them. This is a good thing though because if they talk to you, they really mean everything they say and are very straightfoward about their feelings towards someone.
Gabbie's severely underestimate everything about themselves, so you need to constantly prove to them that they are much better than they think.
It's impossible to be actually mad at a Gabbie, no matter what they do, because they are so loveable.
Gabbie's can be confusing sometimes and they can make people go crazy, but in the end, it turns out everything they do that makes you go crazy just makes you like them just that much more. They're definitely much more than meets the eye.
by SimplyLovelyPeople5 February 15, 2012
This girl is hard-working and enjoys praise for her effort that she puts in. She will usually have green/hazel eyes, brown hair and be tall. She loves her friends more than anything in the world but sometimes does not know how to convey it. She is the 'funny one' and has the most hilarious laugh and smile you will ever see. She is the first one to crack a joke and have a laugh at anything. She is very intellectual and likes to be noted for it. She aims to achieve high and is often disappointed with herself, even if the goal was close to being reached. She has a quirky sense of fashion but always manages to pull it off. She generally loves listening to music, reading books, shopping and being with her friends. She is often sensible, outgoing, sometimes bitchy and extremely funny.She often likes guy who is taller than herself, blue eyed and fun-loving.
by Pais2012 August 31, 2012
A girls name of utmost integrity and sexyness you cant help but to like ;-) someone who puts herself through a emotional roller coaster. Nice which equals simple. A Ailuropoda melanoleuca aka panda.
gabbie and i went to see a movie.
by youknow;-) December 28, 2011
a skanky girl with small tits. usually likes other girls.
guy 1: Look at those A's!

guy 2: She's such a Gabbie
by iheartcatz November 17, 2011
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