Idiots of the male variety who wear full suits to a football game in the south with the intense heat of know who you are.
Look at the peckerheads over in that section.
by SirFuckNuts February 09, 2010
another term for dickhead
Korny said "Peaker head"
by JandBob January 15, 2003
A Pecker Head is pretty much referring to a dick head but sounds much funnier.

Another Definition might be "Pecker Sucker" which reffers to a Dick Sucker.
Guy 1: Dude that guy at the club last night was such a pecker head!

Guy 2: Why is he a pecker head?

Guy 1: Because he stole my date, that pecker sucker...

Guy 2: Wow he sounds like a real pecker head.
by Retwiler January 01, 2010
A red headed white male.
Who let the Peckerhead in to the Black Panther Party,
by Hatchetman...Heads on Posts August 16, 2009
the dumbest redneck you'll ever meet
peckerhead is such a dumb redneck
by Peckeredneck November 03, 2010
The water supply tubing for a lavatory or a sink. Made of chrome plated brass, brass, copper, or plastic it has been given it's nickname because of it's similarity in appearance to male genitals.
"You want to attach your pecker head to the angle stop with a compression nut and ferrule."
by JoePlumber April 13, 2010
An unusual species of dorks, characterised by the bobbing motion of their head as they speak. A peckerhead makes an excellent cousin, cousin and peckerhead can be used synonimously. Contrary to popular belief, Gregory Peck was in fact not a peckerhead. The original Peckerhead is Maree, born in 1992, supposedly in the country of Peckistan.
"You good for nothing wretched peeved hugger-mugging Peckerhead!"
by bishbishqueen May 02, 2008

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