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When your average insult just will not do the trick. This is the lowest form of life on planet earth. Basically a douchebag to the nth power.
Lane Kiffin is a piece of whale shit son of a bitch!
by SirFuckNuts February 05, 2010
Idiots of the male variety who wear full suits to a football game in the south with the intense heat of August...you know who you are.
Look at the peckerheads over in that section.
by SirFuckNuts February 09, 2010
I have no friggin' idea. Some old bag once told me that if I didn't slow down in her parking lot, she would take the crosspiece out of my ass. So define it how you like.
He went to kick the dude in the nuts but instead broke his crosspiece.
by SirFuckNuts March 26, 2010
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