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when a uncircumcised male hasn't washed his penis head off in a while. It then becomes crusty like old cheese.
You need to clean up before i give you head, I don't eat no pecker cheese.
by Derrick for real March 13, 2005
17 5
Masses cheesy grossness that accumulate around the foreskin of the poorly hygeniec and uncircumsized (smegma or dick cheese)
I would have went down on him, but it was covered in pecker cheese.
by Dante March 08, 2005
13 3
his mother said
that he never should
nibble on his pecker cheese
or play with his morning wood. . .
extract from "alec g is a wanker" by bobybird & deadfish
by <*}}}}>< October 20, 2003
3 10