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Gods right hand man, deliverer of god, Most beautiful and sexy being.
by Dante March 19, 2003
The act of anal sexual intercourse with dead baby animals of the same gender that also happen to be on fire.
You might think it's rather odd of me, but I enjoy the act of sadomasochistic analnecrohomopedopyrobestiality.
by Dante March 09, 2005
The greatest metal band in history, keeping with them the way of classic metal along with a mix of 'hardcore' and 'New' metal qualities, allowing this band to be extremely aerodynamic with their work, also due to the fact that vocalists Jon Schaffer and Tim Owens don't scream at the top of their lungs, listeners are able to listen to the lyrics without having to go online to find out what they're saying, the way in which the instruments are played also is unique and non-repeditive, usually summing up to as much as three Solo's a song.
Iced Earth is by far the greatest metal band because you know what the hell is going on in their songs.
by Dante June 01, 2004
blowin your load all over someone just to make a point.
I'm gonna give that bitch the nut blast, and I won't even feel bad about it.
by Dante September 18, 2003
Masses cheesy grossness that accumulate around the foreskin of the poorly hygeniec and uncircumsized (smegma or dick cheese)
I would have went down on him, but it was covered in pecker cheese.
by Dante March 08, 2005
A forum RP is a "forum role play". it is a form of progressive story telling conducted on a forum. So each person adds their piece of the story involveing their character/characters
Host: The spaceship attacks your vessle
Person 1: Max runs to the comm systems and tires to surrended
Person 2: Julian draws his gun and shoots Max, saying "Never give up, never surrended"
by Dante March 21, 2005
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