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Can be used as a substitute for bitch, mother fucker, dude, slut, a woman's butt or pretty much any other word you want to substitute it for. It is probably the most versatile word on urban dictionary. The word derives from B.R. trying to figure out how to say peach in spanish, whilst ordering crystal light.
"Man, I hate that guy. He's such a pecha."
"That chick has a big pecha."
"What are you up to today pecha?"
"Do you have pecha flavored Crystal Light?"
"Her pecha smelled like roses."
"Lets go to the gym bro, today is bi's and pecha day."
"You gotta sign up for pof, it's full of pecha's."
by B.R. A.L. December 12, 2013
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A penis the size of a Sasquatch dick...A huge penis; Sasquatch dick
The guy that pissed in the stall next to me had a pecha.
by HeizenbergAL January 08, 2014

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