Derived from the color and texture of male ejaculate.
Joe: "Oh Betty, I'm coming!"
Betty: "Shoot your pearl jam all over my tits!"
by Darin September 21, 2005
Fucking amazing band that most people cant justify hating them without using childish names and homophobic slurs...
hater: Pearl jam are a bunch of fucking faggot shit-eaters
fan: Um... no they are one of the most influental acts of the last decade.
hater: Watever you fudgepacking cocksucker...
by Dr. Awesome August 16, 2006
slang for human male testicular ejaculation
i love your wifes buns,especially when she lets me spread my pearl jam all over them.
by jcarter March 10, 2006
Cum, Jizz, Sperm, Semen
Last night, my girlfriend took a shot of my pearl jam.
by Settie B October 24, 2006
the greatest fucking band in the whole world.... that's why i've got Ed Ved in my head.
Rachel's life goal is to have all the Pearl Jam concert bootlegs ever released.
by Rokinfreeworld December 30, 2003
Semen, cum, schmootz or whatever ya wanna call it
I stuck it down her throat and gave her a mouthful of pearl jam
by Saxxon September 14, 2005
Pearl Jam are a fine example of an awesome band.

These 'awesome bands' are very endangered these days, especially since John Lennon died and Ke$ha started raping the charts.
Now, despite the Y2K bug and Justin Bieber, Pearl Jam are one of the best creations of the 90's as they eclectically combine grunge with heavy rock with soft accoustic guitars with the coolest voice possible.

The best of the best songs are:
Even Flow
Yellow Ledbetter
Just Breathe

Pearl Jam conquer about 90% of my iPod and have about 40 tribute bands, which is always good!
I hate Pearl Jam, but then again I'm an obese anti-christ homo who digs Nickelback.
How many people did I offend there...?
by choco-mango November 28, 2010

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