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Peanut is a smoking game, played by 4-X players. Everyone is required to bring their own weed. It starts with the first person (picked anyway you decide) they fill up the bowl with their own weed, then puff puff pass rules are followed throughout the whole game. when the bowl is emptied, the last person to take a hit refills it with their own weed, and the game continues. The last person to run out of weed is the winner and overall the highest of everyone.

(this game was thought of and ultimatly invented by Peanut....long live peanut!)
Person 1 : "Hey guys, lets throw a peanut party!"

Person 2 : "Yeah, and dont forget to bring your own "peanuts" ;) :-p"

Person 3 : "stupid gay joke...."
by JLF December 30, 2005

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