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a name for a sexy girl. who is appealing and reminds you of a peach, and the smell of a vuluptious tasty fruit.
peaches is looking offly good today.
by Ryan Simms7 April 09, 2009
The perfect Pussy, one where the lips are nice tasty and the pussy has the shape of a side of a peach
Oh Man I love to eat Peaches, I could eat a Peach for hours.
by HungryBoy October 10, 2006
Acronym: Please Examine And Critique Honestly. Most often used on Role-Playing-Game forums when a person has developed something new and desires input to correct or improve the new creation. Alternate spelling includes either no periods or in all capitals.
"Hey guys, check out my new homebrew spells for 4th edition D&D. p.e.a.c.h."
by DunjinMastr February 27, 2010
This is a code word for a quick sexual release with no strings attached. Usually pertains to a sexually frustrated friend or a stranger on a chat site.
Stranger: Hey bb do you want to share peaches with me?
You: Heck yes!
You: I love quickies!
Stranger: Glad to hear it hon.
Stranger: *I put on my robe and wizard hat*
by Masked Musician August 19, 2014
0.5mg Xanax

Peach in Color
Dealer - Yo, wut u need?
Me - zannies bra, u got bars?
Dealer - nah man, just sum 'peaches'.
by JLund October 21, 2007
a girl who is so sweet like peaches
I'm gonna call her peaches, because she is sweet like peaches
by jelly bean 123 October 17, 2008
Slang for MDMA(ecstasy). This slang word originated in St. Louis and Cahokia.
Whats up Phat, Wanna go to the store and get some peaches?
Phat Fat: I don't even know man, hit up Big Sexy and see what hes up on.
by James Lathe March 06, 2007