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what chingy, ja, and others should be
get back you dont know me like that
by CHRISNXR1 January 24, 2005
-expression of frustration.
grrr, theres no emo station here.
grrr, my lunch break ends in 55 minuts.
thought i'd write 1 def since i work here.
by chrisnxr1 July 01, 2005
an edited version of b**** slap
why are they crying over there like that; emotional distress?
no; it was a peach slap
by chrisnxr1 April 15, 2005
the alternitive to saying "BITCH".
throws alot of people off.
yo peach, bring meh that drink.
thats right.
by chrisnxr1 July 01, 2005
a boring city at the bottom of MT where they have two pathetic malls and where THE MEDIA IS AGAINST the cops because the police cheif IS AGAINST THE COMMUNITY. they drive around with there radar on constantly so your detector goes off like when you get within a mile of a cop. and they all drive right behind you when they want you so its like obviouse that you should swerve of at hardies. also; its a place where everyone drives around like 30 mph cause they dont want to get a ticket, so when you drive up from LA to Billings you will rearend a grany when you pull off at the exit.
god i hate it up there
almost zero good looking people
living hell
by chrisnxr1 July 02, 2005

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