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a term for vaginas
Rollin' Thrught the contry gonna eart alot of peaches
by 419nigga September 21, 2008
1)girl with breast about a b-c cup. Soft, handful and round breasts

2)former rant writer for BAMF.COM.- is associated with the likes of being crazy, which she very well maybe. Associated with the infamous "mmm peaches" written on breast pictures.

3)Is a girl who likes every single person who wants to eat a peach. *muah*
Man, what a Peach!

Mmmmmm Peaches

Fuckin' Peaches
by Red Light February 19, 2004
a damn nice shaved pussy
i wanna eat her peach tonight. mmmm yeah
by crazy car and sisi December 09, 2008
is a shaved vagina or one wiv no hair
look at all those peachies (said in a school changing room by the PE teacher)
by pe teacher August 29, 2003
A womans vagina,
a nice pink pussy,
something soft and tasty just like peaches...
I'm movin' to the country, i'm gonna eat a lot of peaches...
by Jberry July 18, 2005
white girl's vagina
millions of peaches, peaches for me; millions of peaches, peaches for free
by shmurghi May 26, 2003
Horny singer from Canada.
Peaches is not kosher.
by Austin James April 06, 2004