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well peabrain is basically an insult to descride an unintelligent specimen or human
"shut it, you stupid peabrain"
by kenny mcgill April 26, 2005
An unfortunate, clumsy, dim-witted, accident prone individual whose many faults can all be attributed to their pea-sized brain.
"You're always knocking things over you stupid, stupid peabrain"
by peebrayn November 22, 2011
someone who doesn't know anything; someone who doesn't use his brains or just too lazy to do it.
Dave work on the project. You are such a peabrain!
by azile February 22, 2007
1. Someone who doesn't think before speaking. ie- unintelligent

2. A closed minded- ignorant, bigoted,prejudist, anti-cultural,intolerant or homophobic individual who usually has drowned his/her brain with alcohol.
3- a conservative with a fascist twist.
The hick saw the two men holding hands and yelled at them- then, the pea-brain drove into the ditch for not watching where he was going. Karma is such a bitch sometimes!
by Ben Dover November 10, 2003
someone who's brain is made of mushy peas,
Miss Peabrain i love you
by eugene pappageorgiou April 23, 2006