A nerd, but without the negative connotations that the word "nerd" brings. Someone who is classically nerdy pursues intellectual activities, but is often derided for a lack of social skills. A peabody also engages in the same pursuits, but also has a full complement of personality and likableness to boot.
Fred talked about the LHC for 30 minutes... I had no idea it was so great. He's a real peabody.
by haasebert December 28, 2010
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Peabody; A city of rougly 50 - 55,000 people about 15 minutes north of Boston, MA. Divided into 3 or 4 major areas: Central/Downtown; lower class, known for violence,lots of businesses...West Peabody; middle to upper middle class, the exception being the Rt. 1 trailor parks.... South Peabody; middle class with nothin really good but projects and some white wannabee gangstas. Theres a few malls too. and if u like heroin, peabodys for u... thers brothels too for all u prostitution fans.. and thats about it
im from peabody aka pcity pbd, p biddy, the biddy, shitstain, ect...
by the real pbd resident October 10, 2005
Nickname designated for fans of the Black Eyed Peas.
My and Laura are going to a Black Eyed Peas concert. We are definitely Peabodies.
by twDEF April 07, 2008
Basically any type of dog that has a round pea shaped body with short legs and a flat face. alsoo like the best f-ing dog in the world:3
pugs.. english bulldogs.. shit like tht (pea body)
The name of Black Eyed Peas fans.
I am the biggest peabody!
by BogdanBEP December 22, 2011
A genius, or well-educated book-smart individual, possibly lacking in common sense. (from a time-traveling dog in Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon)
"Hey, Peabody, you left your wallet on the counter" (said to Harvard U student.)
by Lintballoon July 10, 2010
The best fucking venue in this hell hole they call Cleveland, Ohio. You have to see a show there if your in town.
Hey, Suicide Silence is playing at Peabodys tonight; you better go!
by SuckMyCock666 May 05, 2011

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