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politically correct
by mamajama March 31, 2003
Hey everybody, you forget one important definition. "PC" are the initials for the talented singer/musician/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer/actor/comedian Phil Collins.
1. On Phil's solo albums he often refers to himself in the credit list/liner notes as "PC". For instance in the "No Jacket Required" liner notes he writes stuff like:

PC - Drums, Linn Drum Machine, bass, Oberheim OB-X, vocals

and so on.

2. At the Genesis concert:

Sonny: Look at Phil on the drums!

Rico: I'm surprised PC hasn't developed Popeye arms yet! Wow!

3. PC's first movie role was just as a face in the crowd in "A Hard Day's Night" (yes, the Beatles flick). He's been on TV and he played a major role as a very notorious mail train robber in UK history in the 1988 film "Buster". It's based on an actual event that happened around 1963, but PC's comedic charm serves him well too. It's got his splendid version of "We Got a Groovy Kind of Love" and his own Motown- influenced hit "Two Hearts". Both songs rocketed to #1 in America and elsewhere. Well worth checking out, PC and his talents really shine.

4. PC has also appeared on several other people's albums, too numerous to list here. On "Both Sides" he does everything himself - all singing, instruments,production, etc. He's also done work on the "Tarzan" soundtrack (PC - WHY did you work with fucking N'SYNC on that one? Who spiked your drink? Bleeeccch!). Also check out some Genesis and Brand X albums.

5. It was early July and I saw the musical guest PC play "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes on the Late Night show. After a commercial break Dave Letterman announced that the show was done - "that's all we have time for today and we'll see you Monday - no wait! We'll be back on Tuesday, Monday is American Independence Day". He looked at PC and said, "I guess that day doesn't mean anything to you, does it?". Phil just quipped, "It's just another Monday". Uh-huh.
by New World Man April 08, 2009
PC: Problem Children or Problem Child.
Children who cause problems, have problems, or look for problems.

That PC needs some serious mental help!
by nate08 February 06, 2006
Post count - Used on forums to define how many posts one has made. Usually used as PC+1 meaning to add another post with nothing else added.
Post : I'm so leet.
Reply : ZOMG yes, PC+1.
by Johnnysheriously June 06, 2005
personal crap:

a computer that sucks ass
pc user: i hate my PC i hat my computer it crashed.

mac user: then get a mac you can get a used one off eBay.
by alex1994 July 05, 2011
abbreviation for "Price Chopper", a huge grocery store that "chops" down the prices and is open 24 hours in some places so its perfect for late night snacks.
"Yo man, let's go to PC and get some munchies"

"I saw mad headies up in PC the other day while I was gettin some beers."
by afloydkillah June 11, 2007
1. Personal Computer

2. Penalty Cake

A penalty cake is small, disgusting cake made of very cheap ingredients poorly mixed together and either burnt or underbaked. The cake is prepared prior to an intense game of Monopoly, and every time a player messes up they are required to take a bite of the cake, so that after a while it has collected germs from everybody in the game.
Ha! Go Directly To Jail! Do not pass go, do not collect $300, and lick some icing off the P.C.!
by knarf1995 January 24, 2012
Pledge class. Concerning a sorority or fraternity.
Which sorority got the best pc this semester?
by lorenja January 20, 2009

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