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politically correct
by mamajama March 31, 2003
excessive checking of ones king in a game of chess, to a point where it becomes pointless, redundant, and repetetive.
" Dude Rob, why you gotta PC, man."
by javy nunez April 07, 2008
code/other word for a pussy
My brother Gitch was being a PC when he decided not to watch Paranormal Activity 2 because he was scared like a little school girl.
by MarcusJames October 21, 2011
post-cock (adv/adj/n): occurring after a sexual encounter with a man and his penis.
I would play guitar more, but I'm just PC so often that I never have the energy!

Set two personal records today: I read 270 pages and I wasn't PC at all! Yeehaw!

I would write in my highary more often, but I just have the worst handwriting PC.

Caffeine is my favorite thing to drink PC.

Some of my friends don't understand that being flakey is just a part of my personality. I think it's because they aren't PC enough.

I don't outline papers, I pregame for them! And I proofread them PC, of course.

What if your roommate was gay? Seriously, what if? That'd be so awkward PC.
by Millsberry Dough Girl February 27, 2011
"Poop Cock" like instead of saying "God dammit" just say Poop cock -or- PC.
PC! I slept through my alarm and missed class!
by stuartslut February 23, 2011
Personal computer, contrary to popular belief pc refers u have for personal use, including macs, not just windows

I love my windows pc. Some people prefer mac pcs. Neither is really better than the other; it's just a matter of personal preference. (Yes I am aware of other PC OSs like linux)
by Trinu April 07, 2009
When your in a chatroom people might tell you "pc me" which means private chat me. So only you and the person can talk.
BlondeCrzyGal:heyy zac pc me
DeadChicken789:blah blah
Litterbug2321:blah blah
by Ryan Woods January 13, 2008
Phone conversation
I'm excited for tonight's PC!!
by 13331333 July 07, 2009

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